It’s the Holiday Season

What to Get All Ages for Christmas


Emily Cummings, Staff Writer

Even though Christmastime is supposed to be the happiest time of the year, most people find it to be the most stressful. The pressure of finding the perfect gift can be the most stressful of them all. In this day and age, many people want the perfect everything and it’s up to the buyer to satisfy their needs. This is a holiday gift guide when you don’t know what to buy:


  • Kids

       – Slime Kits

                   – XBox games

       – Barbie Dream House

                   – Legos

  • Teens-


          -Gift Cards


          -New Phones

  • College-

          -Kitchen supplies


          -Ice Scraper

          -Car Fresheners

  • Adults-

         -Gym Memberships

         -Spa Appointments



  • Parents-




          -Tennis Shoes

  • Grandparents-

            -Foot Bath

            -Homemade Cards