Take Off The Blindfold

A Bird Box Review

Take Off The Blindfold

Chloe Browning, Story Editor

It’s no news to anyone that the movie Bird Box practically went viral overnight but it has gotten many mixed reviews from the public. Many critics have trashed the movie by saying its “misleading” or that its “poorly done” but for many, they just don’t understand the brilliance behind the idea.

The movie originated off of the book Bird Box by Josh Malerman and is about a post-apocalyptic society.

The movie is partially done via flashbacks and is set during three different points in time. The film opens with Malorie “Sandra Bullock” and her two children that she refers to as boy and girl.

As the movie continues layers unfold to show that they are running from “creatures” and if they see them they will start seeing their greatest fears and make them kill themselves. In the movie, Bullock gives an abnormal look into the world of motherhood.

Her character is so disconnected from emotion as she leads these children through the broken world they are living in giving a completely different, unique and terrifying look into what motherhood can entail.

The movie isn’t your everyday thrilling post-apocalyptic movie but the movie makes you think and that thinking can be terrifying. So take off your blindfold and dive into the world of Bird Box because it truly is beautiful.