The Fast Fashion of the Past

Fashion trends come and go right under our noses, whether we know it or not.


Anika Kreegar, Staff Writer

Everyone knows that fashion trends come and go, and most believe that these trends are somewhat spontaneous, but some think there’s more to it.

And according to articles, this is the case. There are many different types of fashions in modern times, but where did they come from?

Truth is, it’s not as complicated as people think. The trendy items we see today are actually from a different period of time, most known as the 1970s and ’80s.

Fashion from these times have merged their way into our society, for better or worse. Whether right or wrong, there’s no denying that the trends have reappeared, and it’s not major items either, it’s small little details that tend to be overlooked, such as halter tops, fanny packs, or even hoop earrings.

According to the New York Times, one of the reasons for these past years revisiting us is that generations like millennials and Gen-Z miss the decade that they never lived, which makes sense, as these years are showing up in media, which gives these trends and styles be pushed into our faces.

Stranger Things would be a great example of this; for instance, the Netflix show seemed to one of the first shows that took place in the ’80s that were released in modern times. Since then, modern style has somewhat merged with trends of the past.

All in all, the modern style of today isn’t a specific black and white look, fashion has seeped into a bit of all history, and now it seems to be an androgynous mixing pot of several generations.