Summer Ready?

How to Get on Track with Your Summer Body


Emily Cummings, Staff Writer

With the warmer season approaching, many people are trying to find ways to sculpt their bodies. Most people start this journey with setting a new years resolution and trying to stick with it. However, according to Forbes only 8% of people actually accomplish their goals. The key to staying fit and healthy is repetition and creating a lifestyle for yourself. Here are some ways to actually accomplish your summer body goals…

  1. Start with a planner- write down all of your health goals and how you will accomplish them
  2. Find a fitness program you enjoy- start off easy with your exercise and make sure you enjoy the program because if you don’t like the workouts you will burn out faster  
  3. Stop buying your cravings- nutrition counts as 80% of weight loss and once you fill your pantry with healthy food you will forget about your cravings
  4. Treat yourself- everyone deserves to treat themselves every once in awhile and help subside their cravings so go out and buy yourself one of your favorite treats once a week
  5. Drink water- staying hydrated is extremely helpful for your body and your mind and water intake increases how quickly your body heals from working out
  6. Invite a buddy- working out and participating in a fitness journey is always better with a partner and someone to push yourself with
  7. Rest- sleep and rest helps the body rejuvenate itself and you need to always make time for rest
  8. Never give up on yourself- there might be setbacks in your journey but always remember that as long as you keep trying you’re making progress