An Eye for Fashion

Students describe their personal style


Will Creamer –

Favorite places to shop: Urban Outfitters, Pacsun, Nike, thrift shopping, and depop

Fashion inspirations:

people on instagram, designers, famous people, youtubers

Types of clothes to go for:

colorful clothes that have lots of patterns

Style description:

vintage and retro, from ‘80s and ‘90s

How much he shops: every week

Extra information: doesn’t like bland clothes; likes some modern materials and patterns


Macy Erickson –

Favorite places to shop:

thrift stores, Forever 21, Shein, Zaful

Fashion inspirations: to just be herself

Types of clothes to go for:

colorful and affordable

Style description: whatever she feels like putting on for that day; things that reflect what she’s feeling

How often she shops: every two weeks

Extra/Interesting info: her dyed hair expresses her fashion sense


Simon Moncke –

Favorite places to shop:

Zara & thrift shops

Fashion inspirations:

his mom & A$AP Rocky

Types of clothes to go for:

anything he thinks looks cool in men’s or women’s sections

Style description:

random and eclectic

How much he shops:

quarterly for big hauls

Extra/Interesting info:

both parents work in fashion


Leah Jones –

Favorite places to shop: Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Savers Thrift Store

Fashion inspirations:

Instagram models

Types of clothes to go for:

bigger clothing like sweaters and jackets & high waisted pants

Style description: she cycles between “hype-beast” and “art-hoe”

How much she shops:

at least once a month

Extra/Interesting info?: her style is a reflection of her “all over the place” personality