Beyonce: Behind-the-Scenes

Significance of new Netflix documentary


Aubrey Herrin, Staff Writer

Add ‘producer’ to her list of titles.

Beyonce joined forces with Netflix to create a film detailing her experience headlining Coachella last year. ‘Homecoming’ recounts Beyonce’s history-making performance as the first African American woman to be a featured performer at the festival.

Beyonce’s immense talent is shown in the two-hour long documentary of her Coachella set. Critics are calling it one of the best concert films of all time. Intricately choreographed dance moves, flawless vocals, one of the world’s best marching bands, and world-class dancers all combine to create an entertainment masterpiece.

But it wasn’t just entertaining. Beyonce used this opportunity and turned the Coachella stage into a celebration of black culture. Everyone involved in both the concert and the film– dancers, band members, directors, production– were all black.

Beyonce intended to represent those who aren’t always represented and give her African American fans a sense of pride. She aimed to inspire, periodically showing quotes from famous black intellectuals throughout the documentary.

Eight months of dedicated practicing went into creating the ‘Beychella’ experience and were shown in the film as well. ‘Homecoming’ switches between recordings of Beyonce’s performances, and film of interviews and rehearsals that showed how much preparation went into the performance behind the scenes.

As one of the most talented entertainers of our generation, Beyonce overcame great obstacles to put on a memorable show. In the film, the mother-of-three addressed the secret struggles she faced returning to the stage after giving birth to twins, Rumi and Sir. Her body and mindset changed completely post-pregnancy, making Coachella one of the hardest shows she has ever done.

No one can deny the hard work that Beyonce puts into her career. A cultural and creative icon, Beyonce deserves all the recognition and praise that ‘Homecoming’ will undoubtedly bring.