Club penguin was the best childhood game


Kate Oudejans, Staff Writer

You rush home from second grade and immediately get on your computer to play the best game to ever exist: Club Penguin.

The game is perfect in every sense of the word, you get to customize your penguin, become a secret agent, earn your black belt and become a ninja, care for your own puffles, make the coolest igloo out of all your friends, and so much more.

The games Club Penguin had to offer was on a whole other level compared to other virtual world games. Playing games like card-jitsu soon became a mission to beat the sensei and brag to your friends that you did.

Although you had to pay for a membership to get complete access to the site, you still could live out your best virtual life without paying a monthly fee.

Events, such as superhero vs supervillains, gave kids a chance to pretend that they could be anything they wanted without even leaving their chair. Getting special items that had to deal with those events felt like an accomplishment that your avatar could wear around proudly.

Although the original Club Penguin site is closed down now, this nostalgic game will always have a special place in my heart.