students compete to be featured in The Tiger Print for their creative homecoming proposals


photo submitted by Gwen Helfrey

Charlie Trent, Editor-In-Chief

L-E-T-S  G-O to HOCO

Ryan Barbosa, 9

 & Gwen Helfrey, 9

How he asked her:

“I went to the supply store and bought a bunch of markers and posters, and then me and a couple of her friends went over and suprised her. Oh, I also wore her friend’s cheerleading outfit.” 

How she reacted:

“My mom told me to get the door, and then I walked outside and then my friends were there with Ryan. I was really suprised.”

it would be a crime not to go to hoco

Caden Hunt, 11

& Emma Puntch, 11

How he asked her:

“It started with the idea that I should kidnap her. She was really scared and she kept saying, ‘Oh my god’ and ‘This can’t be happening right now.’” 

How she reacted:

“After we left, we forgot to take down the crime scene tape and the body thing, and people thought it was a real crime scene.”

kick it with me @ hoco?

Gavin Ruder, 11

& Hadley Way, 10

How he asked her:

“It was after my soccer game, and Hadley was making a Tik Tok; I used my sign to ask her.”

How she reacted:

“I didn’t expect anything because I was just making a Tik Tok. I was a little shocked when he asked me just because I had no idea that that was happening.”