The Best Band You Haven’t Heard of Yet

NICE.’s first debut single


Lizzy Parkerson, Staff Writer

Have you ever started to like a band but wish you jumped on the bandwagon sooner? Been at their concert when they play oldies that you haven’t heard of? Wished you knew of them sooner? Well here’s your chance to become a groupie before the groupies hear of this band.

NICE. is a band made up of a former worship band who wanted to dip their toes into a new genre. They dropped their first single, “Ms. Chances,” on Sept. 20, 2019. With 101,100 listens on Spotify as of Oct. 31, 2019, so you can say this song is fire. 

The song, “Ms. Chances,” brings past styles of music to the present. Think Molly Ringwald in a Jack Hughes film. Their style is more of a modern retro theme with big references to the 80’s. The band’s Instagram(@nice.bandofficial) shows their style that they have for their music, and is their only platform that they have on social media. 

NICE.’s nest song, “TALK TALK TALK,” was released on Nov. 1.