The Most Wonderful Items of the Year

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The Most Wonderful Items of the Year

Stephanie Kontopanos and Spencer Norman

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Nathan Ismert, 10

“[A Jesse tree is] a mini Christmas tree, and you hang a certain amount of ornaments that are pre-designed. One of them’s a wooden rocking horse.”


Darya Moiny, 10

“We go all out. We have a gingerbread village on our fireplace.”


Molly Levinson, 12

“We use [our menorahs] to light the candles. You put a candle for each day, and then we light it. We have one that I think was my mom’s Grandma’s. It’s thin metal and it has two people hanging from the bottom of it.”


Sarah Moore, 10

“There’s an angel that we put on top [of the tree]. My dad used to lift me up, and have me put it on top. It had a halo. It was golden.”


Sarah Gordon, 10

“I’m part of an interfaith family, so we do a lot of different traditions. I have a tiny light up Christmas tree that I got for $7 that sits in my room year-round. I also really like candles of all kinds.”