Cinema Advancements

Cinema Advancements

Mia Rice, Staff Writer

Everyone has been to the movies at least once in their life.

Expectations for movie theaters have risen due to technology rapidly changing all around us. Cinemas feel the pressure of change as people begin to just wait for movies to come out on DVD and lose the precious experience of a theatre watch party.

To stop this fall in sales, technology has started to take over. Now a once basic screening from B&B became a 4D, ultra screened, unique moment.

All the hype over these systems have opened doors for companies again and turned around the slowed down business. Although these new experiences have become pricier, many claim it is worth it.

Connecting to B&B, they have started using sales to support a children’s charity called Variety. Sales for the kids combo in the concessions gives back and provides the charity with new technology. Technology can connect many people together and provide new experiences they need in a changing world.

So go hunt for a 4D screening near you, and witness the new age of film.