focusing in

5 tips to staying focused during school


Olivia Sherlock , Story Editor

Turn off electronics. 

It’s super easy to scroll through Tik Tok or play one too many rounds of a game on our phone during class, so turn it off and put it somewhere out of sight. 


Get into a routine.

 Try to make a routine from the beginning to the end of your day that will help your mind and body get used to focusing on one specific thing at a time. 


Make a list of goals.

 This one is super self-explanatory — make a list of goals to accomplish. It could be class by class, or it could be day-by-day, but no matter what it will feel so nice to get one more thing checked off your list. 


Personally connect to the material.

This will make it easier to focus. For example, if you need to read a boring book for ELA, try to relate to the characters and the events of the book. 


Involve others. 

If you are having a hard time finding the motivation, ask your friends, parents or other family members to help you out.