Not Bready to Go

BV seniors what family meals they’ll miss in college

Not Bready to Go

Anika Kreegar, Staff Writer

Sofia Hedström: Smoked Salmon with lemon sauce, small seasoned potatoes, green beans

“It’s my Swedish heritage and it was always made on my birthday.”

Lucie Lane: Enchiladas

“Because it tastes like home cooking.”

Sofia Loveland: Cajun Andouille Skillet Meal

“It’s absolutely delicious, reminds me of my family in NOLA, and is messy to make, so there is no way I can make it in a dorm kitchen.”

Maddy Madsen: Hamburgers & hot dogs

“My dad makes really good hamburgers that I know I’ll miss, and would never be able to cook them myself and get them to taste like how my dad makes them.”

Grant Gaston: Sloppy Joe in croissants

“I would never have time to make it in college, and it is so good.”