To My Fellow Assassins

Seniors share memorable moments playing high-stakes water game

To My Fellow Assassins

Mena Walker, Staff Writer

“During the second round of assassins, Viki and Harrison were teaming up. Harrison was my target, and Viki was my assassin — Harrison duped me. I went to his work and then she started chasing me around World Market and also the parking lot.”

– Shelby Lehman, 12


“[My highlight moment was] getting sold out by Ellie Nuss. I was working out with her boyfriend and then she sold me.”

– Bryan Zhang, 12


“My best assassin moment was getting out Michael Allen because everybody thought he was going to do so well and was favored to win. Also, I got the gold gun — that’s another highlight. I saw the photo on Instagram, and I sent the photo to my mom — she knew where it was, so she sent me the Google Maps coordinates, and that’s how I got the gold gun.” 

 – Allison Roggy, 12


“My best assassin highlight moment is hiding and waiting for Charlie DeZube in his recycle bin. The worst part was when his dad was coming home while I was still in the recycling bin. So, I had to get out and talk to his dad. But later at night, I still got Charlie, so it’s all worth it.” 

– Nolan Rodriguez, 12


“I was leaving my dance studio one evening and there was somebody outside waiting in front of my car. [I didn’t] leave for about two hours, so I’m just standing there while he’s sitting out in the cold waiting for me just to feel bad. I eventually felt bad, letting him shoot me.”

– Sarah Gravitt, 12


“​Hearing all the crazy things people do to take time out of their day to get their person. I think it’s interesting. People do smart techniques for the most part.” 

– Levi Rothwell, 12