Frozen Glimpse into the Future

Junior contributes to gender reveal at workplace


Ayesha Khan, Editor in Chief

An ordinary evening serving snow cones at Tad’s Shaved Ice turned into a memorable experience for junior Riley Smith after two soon-to-be parents asked her to reveal the gender of their baby.

“This couple came up to me with an envelope and asked if I could put the color of their baby[‘s gender] in a snow cone and give it to them,” Smith said. “That was how they found out the gender of their baby.

Aiding in this milestone moment differed from Smith’s usual working endeavors. 

“I’ve only been there for probably two months, but I’ve never done a gender reveal or been involved [in one],” she said. “This was new and I’ve never done anything that big, you know—it’s just snow cones.”

In light of this being such a significant experience for the couple, Smith took extra precautions to ensure the moment was special.

“At Tad’s, it’s just one girl in the shed at a time, so I took their order, made the snow cone, and had them go hide around the corner of the building so that they wouldn’t see it as I was coming,” Smith said. “They gave me a hug and it was really cute”

Contributing to such a significant milestone in a stranger’s life made this a memorable moment for Smith.

“Usually I’m just at my job—it’s a service industry, but this was super personal and I got to experience something super cool in someone else’s life,” she said. “It was so fun.”