Chatty Tigers

Students Share Their Best Group Chat Names


Jackie Chang, Staff Writer


Mike Leach, 9

“I have some friends in band. We play the saxophone. And we’re really good looking. So, sexyphone.”


The Gru’s 8 Vectors

Maggie Richardson, 11

“There’s this one girl [who’s] like 6’3” in our friend group and we’re like ‘you kind of give off Gru vibes.’ So then she made this hat that’s of Gru’s face and we’re all like ‘we could be your Vectors.’ It’s a whole thing.”


You’re All Going to Jail

Halle Meissner, 12

“My friends decided to steal a Trump sign one day and this guy saw it and recorded it. [He] chased us in his car and then as he passed us, he yelled, ‘You’re all going to jail.’ We always thought it was really funny.”


1912 Titanic Swim Team

Tashleen Thiara, 10

“None of us know how to swim. We thought the Titanic story was funny in that term.”