Unwrapping My Wrapped

Student reviews Spotify Wrapped


Ella Lim, Web Editor

“This year you had layers, like an onion. But you listened to music, unlike an onion.” 

Spotify Wrapped, a user-personalized feature on Spotify, tells you everything you need to know about your year in music. It tells you how many minutes you streamed music, what your top artists, songs, and genres were, and even your listening personality. Moreover, it provides you with an opportunity to share your music taste with others and reminisce back to what you listened to throughout earlier months.

Here’s my Spotify Wrapped:

Top Genres 

  1. Indie Pop
  2. Pop
  3. Rock
  4. Alternative Rock
  5. K-Indie


Morning = Wistful, Gloomy, Vulnerable

Afternoon = Lovecore, Yearning, Hopeless Romantic

Night = Bliss, Cozy, Tranquil

Minutes Listened

23,047 total minutes listened to in 2022

  • 75% more than other listeners in the United States

Top Songs 

  1. “Knight” by Maddox (122 times played)
  2. “Nobody” by Mitski
  3. “How to Disappear Completely” by Radiohead
  4. “Always Forever” by Cults
  5. “for lovers who hesitate” by JANNABI

Top Artists 

  1. Cigarettes After Sex (3,142 minutes listened, top 0.5% listeners)
  2. Mitski
  3. Roar
  4. Radiohead
  5. The Black Skirts

Listening Personality

The Jukeboxer – “You don’t just have one favorite song, you have many. And you love listening to them all, excited to queue up what’s next.”

My review:

This was phenomenal.

The most accurate out of all the topics would have to be my top artists, considering it’s almost become a habit to search Cigarettes After Sex in the white Spotify search bar and set a 5-minute sleep timer right before I go to sleep. All of their songs sound almost exactly the same, but it’s part of the appeal. 

The rest of my top artists are indisputably true too, though how Arctic Monkeys isn’t on there is a truly inconceivable mystery. My top genres and moods are most definitely correct, since most of the music I listen to is sad…sad indie…sad rock…sad everything. Not everything is sad though, evident by my listening personality! I’m always changing songs, to the best of my Spotify non-Premium abilities. 

However, to put it eloquently, the one section that I think is utterly and absolutely incorrect is my top songs. In no world would I have listened to “Knight” by Maddox 122 times. I love the song, and it would definitely be up there if I ranked my 753-song playlist, but it cannot be my foremost song. I listened to numerous other songs that I thought would be on that top 5 list, but unfortunately, they weren’t. I’m a little sad about it, just like my music taste.

Nevertheless, unwrapping my Wrapped is one of the highlights of my year. It’s an extraordinary way to reflect on my year in music and look back on what I listened to. Though my music taste does vary throughout the months, I do think that my Spotify Wrapped was incredibly accurate overall.

So, I give my musically-based gift Wrap a total of 8/10. And a huge thumbs up.