The Tacos Just Got Closer

New Taco Bell plans to open on 159th and Metcalf in 2023


Emma McAtee, Staff Writer

Overland Park is filled with many places for people to explore. With the expansion of Blue Hawk, more people are getting out and socializing. The closest Taco Bell to Blue Valley High is on 151st street; however, a new Taco Bell will be opening on 159th and Metcalf. There will also be a Scooter’s Coffee being built next to this Taco Bell.

Being so close to school, these places will be convenient for after school when students want a place to hang out with friends and grab a bite to eat. Due to the close proximity, these fast food places will be suitable for students interested in having an after-school job. Both Taco Bell and Scooters need staff members when they have their grand openings. So, if you need a job, these would be great opportunities for students at Blue Valley High. As we come into the new year of 2023, make sure to be on the lookout and tell your friends about the new Taco Bell.

To sign up for an interview at Taco Bell text Tacojobs2 to 85000.

Emma’s Taco Bell order: Whenever I go to Taco Bell, I crave it. When I go I tend to get 2 soft tacos, nachos and cheese, and a Baja Blast. I’m too much of a picky eater to try anything else but I will always be down for a Baja Blast. A Taco Bell hot take of mine is that I think it’s better late at night. When it’s late and I just finished homework I go out and get a nice Taco Bell meal to reward myself for my hard work.