Exploring the City

Students share their favorite places to go in Kansas City


For many students, traveling across their hometown is more exciting and more accessible than traveling across the country. Luckily, Kansas City is host to a plethora of fun activities and interesting places to visit.


“I like to go to Union Station and the Nelson Atkins Museum if I’m feeling energetic and want to do something. If I’m tired I’ll go to Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden and maybe shop at Made In KC. I like to go to these places because it’s something that never gets old. My favorite thing to do is to get coffee with my friends or family and enjoy the scenery and relax and unwind. I go there whenever I want a day out or whenever I’m free and have money to spend on gas.” – Aliyah Haq, 11














“Urban Mining is a fun place with an amazing layout and so many weird things you can find. I love to just sit on every couch there. [I was introduced to it by] my friends John and Isaac Hudson.” – Preston Baker, 11











“I really like the River Market because it’s a place to just walk around and support small businesses like local farmers and artists. It’s really nice in the summer to walk through the stands and look at the different products being sold. It’s also [in] a really beautiful area with a lot of places to go surrounding it. My dad told me that his grandma used to sell vegetables in the market a long time ago, and he showed me the parking space they would use for their stand!” Ava Viscek, 11


“I love being in nature and Weston Bend State Park has really cool views and trails. It’s right over the border in Missouri. I always bring my dog and take her on the trails. There is also a lookout that has really good views of the sunset over the Missouri River. I’ve been going there for a really long time, probably since I was 7 or 8. I usually go at least a few times every year.” Leah Martin, 11