Lunching Tigers

Students share what they eat for school lunch


Ava McNiel, Photo Editor

Colin Meuret, Freshman:

“I bring my lunch to school every day;
I have never had school lunch.”

Do you eat a balanced lunch? “My lunch is very balanced. I eat a sandwich, fruit and crackers. I try to keep my lunch balanced because it is wrestling season and I need to watch my weight.”

When do you pack your lunch? “My mom packs my lunch every day right before I leave for school.”

Favorite lunch item: “My favorite thing I bring for lunch is peanut butter and jelly, but I also like fruit.”

Least favorite lunch item: “My least favorite thing I bring for lunch would be crackers. I bring a variety of different crackers, but they are all low-calorie.”

Lunch Beverage: “I only drink water during lunch. I try to drink a lot of water because I know it helps speed up my metabolism, which helps with cutting weight.”


Tamar Reem, Junior:

“I try to bring my own lunch, but sometimes I make it in the morning. When I wake up late, I don’t have time to bring my own lunch, so I end up having to buy.”

Do you eat a balanced lunch? “When there’s leftovers at my house, I have a balanced lunch. If there’s no leftovers, it’s mostly snacks.”

When do you pack your lunch? “In the morning before school.”

Do you ever get takeout for lunch? “No, not really, unless I have a dentist appointment or something.”

Favorite lunch item: “Probably leftover pasta.” Least favorite lunch item: “I don’t really like sandwiches.”

Lunch beverage: “I bring a water bottle to school.”


Veronica Sobolevsky, Junior:

Do you bring or buy your lunch? “I usually bring my own lunch on even days and buy on

odd days because I don’t have time [to prepare one on those] mornings.”

Do you eat a balanced lunch? “It depends on the day because sometimes I’ll make a snack based lunch but sometimes I’ll make a healthy lunch. It just depends on how I feel.”

When do you pack your lunch? “I usually pack my lunch the night before school or in the mornings.”

Favorite lunch item: “Apples and caramel. It’s my favorite snack to have.”

Least favorite lunch item: “Probably a sandwich. I eat one almost every day, so I get tired of it easily.”

Lunch beverage: “I always try to drink water for lunch because that’s usually the only drink I have with me.”


Zach Bergeman, Freshman:

Do you bring or buy lunch? “I usually buy from the cafeteria.”

Do you eat a balanced lunch? “I buy more [of a] snack-based lunch and usually pizza.”

Favorite lunch item: “The Pizza Hut.”

Least favorite lunch item:  “Probably garlic toasts — I don’t like those.”

Lunch beverage: “My water bottle. I don’t buy water.”