Award Show or Fashion Show?

Publication editor reviews best and worst outfits from Oscars ceremony and party

Award Show or Fashion Show?

Rhylan Stern, Publication Editor

At the beginning of the new year, past celebrities ranging from actors to singers are appreciated at award shows. This month, the biggest and most looked-forward-to event occurred: The Oscars. While it is always fun to see what big celebrities win awards, it is also entertaining for most to see what they show up wearing to the ceremony and the after-party. Here is a review of just a few of the worst and best outfits celebrities wore to the events, from the worst to best.


10. Michelle Williams

At the Oscars Award Ceremony, Michelle Williams showed up wearing a white dress, but it was not the best of the night. The detailing of the dress was pretty, yet it was too close to a wedding dress.




  9. Kendall Jenner

Despite being a model who has had to wear some interesting outfits, I would consider this dress to be one of those. Kendall Jenner showed up to the Vanity Fair Oscars After-Party wearing this scale-like dress, but it’s one of the worst outfits of the 2023 Oscars.






8. Rhianna

While taking control of the start of 2023 with her makeup line to her Superbowl Performance, Rhianna has been all the craze. Wearing a black dress detailed with mesh, she walked the carpet at the Academy Awards. While Rhianna does pull it off, the dress wasn’t the most fashionable on the carpet.


7. Madelyn Cline

At the Vanity Fair Oscars After-Party, Madelyn Cline showed up wearing a green and floral tight dress.  She pulls the dress off well, but the thing throwing the whole outfit off is the turtleneck, yet it’s one of the better outfits of the night.





6. Pedro Pascal

After taking over television the past month with The Last of Us, and the beginning of March with The Mandalorian, Pedro Pascal showed up at the ceremony wearing a simple suit. A suit is a staple for men at award shows, but Pedro Pascal slightly elevated it with the styling choice of no tie and buttoning the collar. While it isn’t the favorite of the night, it is better than what most male celebrities end up wearing to awards shows.




5. Florence Pugh

At most red carpets or award shows, Florence Pugh and her outfit are what I look forward to most. This was a different and unique taste on a slit dress, with a big ballroom-like dress connected to a shorter, tight dress underneath. While the dress is more neutral than what she could pull off, the outfit is one of the top ones of the 2023 Oscars.



4. Austin Butler

Once again, male celebrities show up to events with just a simple suit, and Austin Butler showed up at the Vanity Fair After-Party wearing a slightly-elevated suit. With a normal suit jacket and pants, Butler is wearing a bluish-purple top, tied in a knot in the front— it’s stylish yet simple and sleek looking. This is one of the top outfits worn at the after-parties by a male celebrity.






3. Lenny Kravitz

Showing up in a silky outfit with silver jewelry accents, Lenny Kravitz took over the carpet at the Oscars. Taking a simple suit up a notch, Kravitz was simple, yet took a different approach on men’s fashion. This was one of the best of the night taking in the factors of the accessories, as well as the simplicity but also boldness of the look.






2. Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh is the first Asian woman to win Best Actress, but on top of that, her outfit is one of the best of the night. While someone should have told all of the stylists that the carpet would be off-white so outfits wouldn’t blend in with the background, Michelle Yeoh took the attention away from that and focus it on her and her dress. It takes in small details throughout the dress on the fringe and the mesh neckline, the overall outfit is fit for the winner of 2023 Best Actress, as well as deserving the rank of one of the best outfits of the night.




1. Ana de Armas

Wearing a sparkly studded mermaid-style dress, Ana de Armas showed up to the Oscars as one of the best dressed of the night. From the detail-oriented bits of the dress to the ruffles of the tail of the dress, the silver outfit took over the carpet as soon as Ana de Armas entered the carpet.