Let The Madness Begin!

Students share predictions and opinions on this year’s March Madness tournament


Ava McNiel, Photo Editor

Johnny Perkins, Junior:

Final 4 prediction: “I think UCLA will probably end up doing well in the tournament.”

National championship prediction: “I feel like there’s a chance that KU could go back-to-back.”

Favorite team: “I didn’t expect K-State to even be here, but we are.”

Favorite player: “I think that Keyontae Johnson has a cool story coming back from the injury that many people thought might even affect his entire life regardless of basketball.”

Elina Goldstein, Sophomore:

Final 4 prediction: “UConn, Alabama, Texas, and K-State.”

National championship prediction: “Alabama.”

Favorite team: “KU because my dad went there but they lost, so that was disappointing.”

Favorite player: “I like Jalen Wilson because he’s good and I’ve watched him all year.”

Brett Jordan, Junior:

Final 4 prediction: “Kansas, Kentucky, UCLA and Duke.”

National championship prediction: “KU.”

Favorite team: “KU because they’re local.”

Favorite player: “Grady Dick because his name is funny.”

Maia Bajich, Junior

Final 4 prediction: “Texas, Alabama, K-State and Gonzaga.”

National championship prediction: “Either Alabama or K-State.”

Favorite team: “K-State because I love their team and coach.”

Favorite player: “Markquis Nowell or Keyontae Johnson because they’re good teammates and they work really hard.”

Katy Thompson, Sophomore:

Final 4 prediction: “Alabama, Texas, UConn and I think K-State has a good chance.”

National championship prediction: “I think Alabama will [win], especially with the upsets that happened in the past rounds.”

Favorite team: “KU because my family are all alumni and it holds a place dear to my heart.”

Favorite player: “[Keyontae Johnson] because I find his story really inspiring.”

Simon Menees, Junior:

Final 4 prediction: “Alabama, K-State, Texas and UConn.”

National championship prediction: “K-State.”

Favorite team: “K-State because my siblings both go there, and purple is my favorite color.”

Favorite player: “Markquis Nowell because he shoots lights-out and he’s crazy.”