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Passing the Tiger Torch

Seniors discuss tradition of handing down gifts to underclassmen

Traffic Cone – Cross Country

Arden Peterson

What is the tradition? “We have this heirloom — it’s an orange traffic cone that’s a little bit scuffed up, and it’s supposed to be handed down from the girls varsity team to the next generation. The origin of the cone is that it was obtained from the unspecified location of a rival school on a cross country run a couple of years ago, and it symbolizes our desire to beat our rivals. I was a junior when we got the cone, but it’s a funny tradition that just contributed to team bonding. We have a physical object to unite around — it’s very nice.

Why is it important? “It’s important because it also symbolizes our devotion to our team and our common identity as defined in opposition to rival schools. It helps unify us, and it’s just a cool tradition.”

Senior Wills – Speech Team

Grant Kozisek

What is the tradition? “We take everyone who’s in the forensics department, and we give up something to them as our last big senior piece of wisdom. I’ve gotten imaginary money, and hair dye before because people think I’m a ginger when that’s not correct.”

Why is it important? “It’s fun to give a little ‘gift’ to the other students around you and is often very emotional. It’s the last time that the department is brought together before the seniors go to college. Being able to share advice and give one last speech to the underclassmen is a sad, yet hopeful part of that.”

Banner Painting – Cheer Team

Karsyn Cygan

What is the tradition? “The senior who’s in charge of drawing and creating the [football] banner passes it down. Last year, I was really close with one of the seniors who handed it down to me, so she must have trusted me and that was a really cool thing. I gave it to [junior] Olivia Deaton, and I think she will be great at it.”

Why is it important? “It’s just a great way to add different things to cheer that make it cool to be in and increase tea

m bonding and responsibility. It puts more emphasis on the effort put into the design. Instead of just being a silly little drawing it makes it something bigger and something cool for the school to see.”

About the Contributor
Nikoo Tahmasebi
Nikoo Tahmasebi, Staff Writer
Nikoo Tahmasebi is a junior and a staff writer. It is her first year on staff and is excited to write about the school events in the coming year. She is also a Tiger Mentor and an officer of the debate team. Outside of school, she works as a lead instructor at a taekwondo studio. In her free time, she likes to go shopping with friends, watch movies, and blast music in her car.