New club rejuvenates old role-playing game

Jordan Huesers, Features Editor

In the small, peaceful city of Restenford, something with dark intentions lurked.

At first, the citizens did not seem to notice the random disappearances until one of the victims returned to the city.

The victim was insane.

His gruesome story of how he murdered two guards frightened the townspeople.

Each night more and more of the missing villagers began to return — each a more terrifying sight than the last.

With more disappearances, the Dungeons and Dragons members assume the role of a band of mercenaries.

The desperate city of Restenford decides to seek their help and sends the band of mercenaries off to Dweomer Forest to meet with local priests for their assistance.

Junior Danny Theisen created a new club, Dungeons and Dragons, in which students have the opportunity to participate in a role playing game (RPG).

He said many students wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons, but did not know how to begin.

“We wanted to give people who were interested the resources they need to take that first step,” he said. “This is a great game to build a community. Players can connect through the characters.”

In this RPG, participants can assume the role of the dungeon master or a player, for example a wizard.

The dungeon master creates a fantasy world for the players to travel to.

The players do not simply act as the character — they become the character.

They create a past for the characters to explain their personality traits.

“Since you take on the character’s life as your own, it allows you to have stories and memories to share with your friends,” Theisen said.

Dungeons and Dragons allows Theisen to create any type of fantasy character he desires and to display a persona he would not be able to display in real life.

“The most important rule is to make your own rules,” he said. “It gives you the opportunity to escape from the troubles of the real world.”

Junior Tim Smith said the club turned out to be really successful and better than he expected.

Smith said the club is a cool way to promote a game that is not very popular.

“It gives you a creative way to enjoy yourself,” he said. “It is not strict at all. There are loosely based rules and you can basically do what you want.”

The club meets every other Tuesday to discuss conventions and strategies, and to organize smaller groups.

The goal of the club is to break the larger group into smaller ones with five to six people who can meet and play on the off Tuesdays.

Theisen said they successfully created six groups. At a meeting, the club decided on a central theme in the Amazon, including pirates and cannibals.

“It has been a huge success,” he said. “I have heard from two groups that they absolutely love playing. All of our new players are enjoying it.”