Kindest Blue Valley-ans: The Kindest Kansas Citian Award allows students to write essays nominating inspiring and kind members of their community. Students share individuals who they believe to be the Kindest “Blue Valley-ans.”

Jordan McEntee, Design editor

Nominator : Freshman Meg Garton

Nominee: K. Dean Snell

Garton said she particularly admires Snell’s motivation and sense of humor.

“He’s really funny and encouraging,” she said. “He’s always there to listen to you when you have problems.”

Snell is also the sponsor of BV’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes group, which Garton participates in.

“It’s cool how Mr. Snell really takes his enthusiasm into the classroom and to his religion,” she said. “He definitely shows that and gets it into our minds.”

Garton said she loves how easily Snell relates to his students.

“He acts like he’s a kid — a teenager,” she said. “He does things that you and I would do.”

Nominator : Sophomore Sarah Hill

Nominee: junior Evelyn Davis

“She’s just not caught up in all the drama of high school,” Hill said. “So many people think they have to dress or act a certain way, but she really reaches out to people who no one else really pays attention to.”

She said Davis is one of her role models in the aspect of showing compassion toward others.

“I want to be someone like her who can just make people’s days better,” she said.

Hill said she strongly admires Davis’ authentic and unique personality.

“She’s super outgoing, sincere and genuine about who she is and everything she says,” Hill said.

Nominator : Junior Brian Witt

Nominee: Tina Martinat

“Señora is always smiling and she’s always so sweet,” Witt said. “She’s like sunshine in human form.”

Witt said Martinat is a role model for him because she shows a lot of patience. He said he thinks her son Joe, who has Down Syndrome, is a huge reason why she is so patient.

“Joe is a big inspiration,” he said. “He’s definitely a factor in helping make her the patient and kind person that she is.”

Witt said he really enjoyed having Martinat as his Spanish teacher freshman and sophomore year.

“I had her for Spanish 2.5 and 3.5,” he said. “Those were the golden days.”

Nominator : Senior Kevin Chung

Nominee: Neerav Shah

Chung said he would nominate Shah because of his enthusiasm in the science classroom.

“Dr. Shah is so passionate about what he does, and he’s really, really kind,” he said. “He’s the type of guy who is kind to literally everyone.”

Chung said he truly appreciates how Shah will always go out of his way to help his students and make sure they understand the material.

“He always asks if you get it,” Chung said. “And he never gets mad about it. He just keeps on asking and keeps teaching it until everyone gets it. I think he would go over it 100 times if we needed him to.”