Q and A with StuCo President Matt Hamblin

Jordan McEntee, Design editor

Q: What are your thoughts on the incident at the Lawrence basketball game?

A: Disappointment. However, it’s important for people to know that it wasn’t out of hate. They just weren’t thinking about the consequences of their actions — the effects their actions would have on him [Anthony Buffalomeat], his family, our school and our school district in general. It was really just out of ignorance, not hate.

Q: What are some of the points that are included in the letter of apology to Anthony Buffalomeat?

A: We as a student body wrote a letter to Anthony to respond student to student. We really just wanted to say sorry. Our actions are indefensible and there’s nothing right about what we did. But we did want him to know that it wasn’t out of hate, we just weren’t thinking. He got attacked for his heritage and that’s just not fair. The “Tiger Pit” prides itself on giving BV a competitive edge, but we crossed the line that night. We really wanted to get the message across to him that that’s not who we are and we don’t want to let a few people define who we are as a student body.

Q: What are some precautions that are now being taken to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again?

A: Mr. Bacon educated and punished the main fans in the front who were involved, he addressed everyone at all the class meetings and we’re [having] a diversity assembly. The speaker is [going to] talk about diversity in general, but also relate to what happened here.

Q: What are some of the effects you think this incident will have on BV’s reputation?

A: It definitely hurts us some, but now we have to focus on how we can move forward. We’ve owned up to what we did, we apologized and there’s nothing we can do to take back what happened. The best thing we can do is work to improve our respect and education on this issue. Obviously it was not good, but maybe some good can come out of this about treating minorities with respect.