Choir seniors continue garage sale tradition

Taylor Yeazel, Staff Writer

Light bulbs.
On Saturday Oct. 8, at their annual garage sale, the Chambers members and seniors raised their own money for a trip to Disney they will take over spring break.
“[The amount earned] varies,” choir director Marsha Moeller said. “One thousand two hundred dollars is the highest someone’s gotten and Disney costs $800.”
The event has taken place for the past seven or eight years.
“It’s an easy way for families to clean out their closets and earn money,” Moeller said.
Each person sells what they bring to the garage sale.
“People can earn money and it’s a nice opportunity for seniors to clean out their closets,” Chambers member senior Erin Moylan said.
Chambers member senior Garret Schoenfeld said he sold many big items this year.
He said he wanted to sell more than he did last year because he was a top seller.
Schoenfeld said the experience is unique.
“You do it with all of your friends,” he said. “It’s for us to go to [Disney].”
In addition to the garage sale, the students have other opportunities to make money.
“We sell garbage bags,” senior McKenzie Nicholis said. “We have a pancake breakfast [at Applebee’s]. We’re the waitresses and waiters and that gets a lot of money.”
Another opportunity happens every January on a Saturday where Chambers members teach children from fourth grade to eighth grade a song and a dance. They perform this number with the children at the South Area Choral Festival.
Nicholis said what makes this event unique, though, is the group atmosphere.
“Everyone gets together in one place and sells their own things, but we’re still together,” she said. “It’s a tradition. And traditions are a core part of what Blue Valley is about.”