Tips to raise money for Relay for Life

Jansen Hess, Sports Editor

Enough to buy a 2011 Ford GT convertible.
Enough to buy an iPhone 4S 87 times.
Enough to reach this year’s Relay for Life fundraising goal.
Relay for Life is an annual event sponsored by the American Cancer Society. The event raises awareness of cancer.
It’s a event where students can stay up all night playing games and socializing.
An event that allows one to memorialize the survivors and victims of this disease.
An event encouraging participants to challenge others to work towards finding a cure.
Fight back.
In order for a participant to stay at the event all night, they must raise $100. To stay until midnight, they must raise $25. In addition to that money, there is a $10 registration fee to show that the participant is committed to the cause.
Wade said students might think raising $100 is too difficult.
“One of the things we try to get across to people is that it’s really not that hard,” he said. “One of the things we’re going to do this year is we have a generic letter that people can mail or email to their friends and family and just solicit donations that way.”
Wade said people who used the letter last year tended to be really successful.
“I think the easiest way to get donations is to just take that generic letter and send it out to people you know,” he said “One thing that people end up doing a lot is they end up getting $100 from their mom or dad — and honestly, that’s fine. That’s still $100 for the American Cancer Society, which is great. The only thing is if they were actively trying to fundraise, they might raise well more than $100 and make an even bigger impact.”
Senior Elliott Voss encourages students to raise money from people other than their parents.
“If you fundraise, one, you can get more money and, two, it’s not your parents’ responsibility to give you money all the time,” he said. “It’s a really great cause and people are happy to donate so it’s really not that difficult.”
Last year, Voss entered a chili cook-off with hopes to win money to add to his Relay donations. “My mom told me about it, and I decided I might as well enter and see if I could win for Relay for Life,” he said. “We ended up not winning, but the person that [won] decided to give the money to us because it’s such a great cause.”
Voss raised $500 from this activity.
He said if you have a certain mind-set, raising money should be effortless.
“The best way that I’ve heard to raise money if you have to raise $100 is to just think of it as asking 10 people for $10 because that makes it really easy,” Voss said.
Wade said receiving donations can involve many different things.
“People can always tie donations to specific types of things,” he said. “For example, when we go to businesses for food. Some businesses will donate food if we display their sign or something so they’ll have more business later.”
Wade said he encourages more people to get involved because there’s still time to join.
“If people are interested, they should find a team captain and try and get on a team,” he said. ”If they have any other questions they can talk to me or to Evelyn Davis.”