French club open to all students, regardless of enrollment in French classes

Meghan Kennedy, Staff Writer

Welcome to French Club. Bienvenue au club Français. It costs $5 to join. Ça coûte $5 pour devenir membre. You don’t need to speak French to participate. Vous n’êtes pas obligê de parler français pour participer.
French Club sponsor Carol Bar said the club has about 50 members, including students not enrolled in a French class.
French Club secretary senior Bekah Nyman said she has high hopes for the future of the club.
“I would like to see the students not enrolled in a French class learn basic words in French,” she said.
In addition to community service activities and fundraisers, the club embraces French cuisine.
“We love to eat,” Bar said. “That’s the staple of our club.”
French Club president senior Lauren Burns said the club is based on celebrating and learning about French culture.
“It’s more for people who just like French food and everything that has to do with France,” she said. “We all enjoy getting together to eat French food and watch French movies.”
Once a month, French Club has one meeting in the morning and one after school.
Nyman said she likes how French Club isn’t strict about attendance for meetings or activities.
“It’s nice to have a club where you can come and go as you please,” she said. “It isn’t mandatory that you attend meetings, but it is still encouraged.”
Burns said making sure students not enrolled in a French class are comfortable in the club is a major aspect of the club.
“We treat everyone the same, whether they’re enrolled in a French class or not,” she said. “The atmosphere of everyone being able to be together outside of school and not feel compelled to speak entirely in French and be graded on how well they do is really just relieving. It’s like a class, but without the classroom feel. It’s just a group of friends who get together and enjoy the French culture.”