Staff members report latest results of weight-loss contest

Hailey McEntee, Co-Editor

Science teacher Jena Kline
Team: Driskell
Game Plan: Change diet, visit the BV
Fitness Center
Personal Goal: Lose 30 lbs.
Weight lost so far: 9 lbs.
Motivation: Upcoming beach trip, class reunion

Officer Ken Braden
Team: Ken
Game Plan: Participate in Title Boxing Club activities, change eating habits, be more
active overall
Personal Goal: Reach a weight between 225-240 lbs.
Weight lost so far: 6 lbs.
Motivation: Competition

Science teacher Azie Taghizadeh
Team: Taghizadeh
Game Plan: Change eating habits, work out 5 days per week
Personal Goal: Lose 10-12 lbs.
Weight lost so far: 2 lbs.
Motivation: Competition