Strengthening the Bond: Siblings attending BV share experiences

Maddie Jewett, Features Editor


They are both shy and they speak similarly. They have a similar hair color and the same posture.
People have even asked them whether or not they are twins.
Junior Paige Peterson and freshman Kayla Peterson have two classes together this semester — America Decides and Spanish 1.
Paige said many people have asked them if they are twins.
Paige said she does not particularly enjoy having two classes with her younger sister.
“I like having my sister at my school,” she said. “The only thing I don’t like is having a class with her, because everyone thinks we’re twins — I think it’s weird.”
Paige said, in order to help her sister transition from middle school to high school, she gave Kayla moral support.
“I did give Kayla some advice,” Paige said. “But mostly I just told her that I’d always have her back when she needed me, and obviously to get out of the upperclassmen’s way.”
Kayla said Paige helps her when she sees her in the halls at school, along with at home.
“It is nice to have an older sister at my school because she is always there for me, and I know she will help me when I need it,” she said. “She helped me find my way to classes and understand the school more.”
Kayla said, throughout high school, she expects to become closer to her sister.
“I think we will get closer because we will understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses better and give each other help when it is needed,” she said.
Kayla said Paige sets a good example for her.
“She always does a good job in the things she sets her mind to, so I feel like I have to do a good job at whatever I do, too,” she said.
Paige and Kayla feel differently about having classes together.
“When I found out we had classes together I was really happy because she could help me in those classes,” Kayla said. “Having classes together will help us understand each other more. Since we have to work together, we will have to get along to finish what we need to.”


“Hey, that’s mine.”
“Go away.”
“Mom, he’s being annoying.”
The Overman siblings have had their ups and downs; however, both of them hope that being in high school together will help them put aside their differences.
Senior Katie Overman and freshman Tom Overman haven’t gone to school together since elementary school.
Katie said she hopes attending the same school will allow her to build a stronger relationship with her brother.
“I think it will make us a lot closer — Tom being at BV,” she said. “We go to school together and can have some mini-bonding during that time and just kind of chit-chat. I also feel like he is a bit more mature and easier to get along with. Him and my little sister have always been really close, so hopefully we can be like that, too.”
Tom said going to the same school gives them more things in common.
“We see each other more often, and we have some of the same topics to talk about — the dances that are coming up, or something like that,” he said. “I’m glad Katie and I go the same school because she gave me a lot of advice, and we can be a lot closer now.”
Katie said being close with her family is important to her.
“I think it’s really important for family to get along and be friends,” she said. “In 20 or 30 years, it will be super cool if we could say that we have always been best friends.”
Tom said he looks to his sister for advice and guidance.
“She gave me tips on what the differences between middle school and high school were,” he said. “Pretty much, she told me who the good teachers and bad teachers were. I really do look up to her. She makes all the right choices and makes pretty good grades. I want to follow in her footsteps and stay away from the bad decisions that lots of people make in high school.”
Katie said though there is an age difference, it may help them in the long run.
“I’m a senior and he’s a freshman, so we’re in two totally different spectrums,” she said. “He’s excited to be starting high school, and I’m sad to be ending it. We’re both at some of the best times of our lives. It’s great that we get to experience them together.”