“Time for Spring” – Time for a trip to Mexico

Mitch Sundquist, Staff Writer

Laying on a beach of white sand, toes in the ocean, the hot sun shining down.
That’s how a group of Blue Valley seniors will be spending their spring break this year. The group includes approximately 60 BV seniors who, along with some parents, will be vacationing on the beaches of Mexico at the Sandos Resort in Playa del Carmen.
Senior Connor Hurst said his trip was decided earlier this year.
“A bunch of parents started an email group and talked about everything,” Hurst said. “I made my reservations after I convinced my parents to let me go.”
Senior Sara Hanna said although her parents were OK with the trip for the most part, she had to spend some time convincing her parents to let her go.
“I’d say it was half and half because we have all planned it for a while,” she said. “It took more to convince them to pay for it and [about] the safety of Mexico.”
Senior Armin Tarakemeh will also be headed to Sandos over break, although he is not a part of the larger group.
“I’m going at the same time as everyone, but I wouldn’t say I’m ‘in’ their group,” Tarakemeh said. “[Senior] Jake [Sloan] and I will want to be with them at times, of course.”
Tarakemeh said he made his plans about a month ago and is looking forward to doing a number of things.
“[I’ll be] relaxing and having fun with my BFF Jake Sloan, getting girls, showing off my hot bod, eating unlimited food, doing various activities that the resort has available and getting swoll,” he said.
Hanna said some big factors made Sandos stand out more than the other resorts the group looked at.
“They are all-inclusive, they had the best reputation and there are [students from] other schools going there,” she said.
Students from Rockhurst High School, St. Theresa’s Academy and Notre Dame de Sion High School are also going to Sandos over break.
Hurst also plans on spending his time doing a multitude of activities.
“[I’m going to] tan, windsurf and just relax,” he said. “[And] enjoy my time away from school.”
The parents of most of the students in the group are paying for the trip, although there are a few students who have to help pay their way to Mexico.
Hanna said she is looking forward to the beautiful view and spending quality time with her and other student’s parents.
“Sand between our toes and the ocean air beneath our nose,” she said.