“Stage Moms” – Mothers dedicate time to helping musical department, enjoy seeing final product

Maddie Jewett, Features Editor

With everything from renting and fitting costumes to spell-checking names on programs to emailing parents about upcoming events, Blue Valley mothers Laura Bergeson and Laura Wadley have done it all.
They spend countless hours both at school and outside of school working to help improve the music department at BV. Not only are the cast and crew of the musical working every day for months to perfect everything, but many mothers are also putting in an exuberant amount of time to make everything a success.
Although her older daughter, who was involved in the theater department at the school, graduated a couple years ago, Bergeson still remains as a key role behind the scenes of all the musicals.
“I am still involved because [choir director] Marsha [Moeller] asked me to be, and because I love doing the costuming,” she said. “Also, I love being around the kids, and I absolutely love musical theater. It’s a great way to stay involved with the program. To me, it’s basically a hobby. I just love doing it.”
Bergeson said the time commitment differs with every show.
“Depending on the show, we have to do more or less regarding costumes,” she said. “However, I’m pretty much at every rehearsal.”
Wadley not only works in the office at BV, but also is a main source of communication throughout the choir department. She keeps in contact with all of the parents, letting them know about upcoming dates, costumes and other various information.
“I used to be the office manager for [Christian Youth Theater],” she said. “I’ve been volunteering for years with that, so I just thought this would be a good fit for me and a good way to help out the program.”
Bergeson said her jobs vary depending on what is needed each day.
“For this show, I have not only done costuming, but I’ve also helped with props and programs,” she said. “I have done various things. In general, [Moeller] will just call me and say, ‘Hey, can you do this?’ or, “Hey, can you go buy this?’ — I’m basically her gopher.”
Wadley said watching all of the students perform on stage is her favorite part.
“I love watching the kids’ progress and getting to know the kids,” she said. “It was fun seeing how talented they all are. I met them all backstage, and then I got to see them shine on stage. Instead of just watching my daughter [sophomore] Madeline [Wadley], I wanted to watch them all perform.”
Bergeson said she enjoys being a part of the production and seeing the end result.
“I like being around the kids,” she said. “I love working on the production — it’s kind of like a puzzle. You have to see what all they need and make sure everyone has everything they need. Then, when you see it on stage, it all kind of comes together, just like a puzzle, and hopefully you aren’t missing a piece. It really is such a collaborative process. All the pieces have to come together just right to make it happen, and somehow, they always do.”

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