Traveling Choir spends spring break performing in New York, tours the city with Talent

Maddie Jewett, Features Editor

The city that never sleeps.
Buildings taller than you have ever seen and swarms of people everywhere.
The lights of Broadway illuminate the excited faces of tourists.
In the midst of the hustle and bustle that is New York City, some members of Blue Valley’s choir department got the chance to perform.
Every year, the Chambers group and any other seniors in choir are able to participate in a spring break trip.
Each year the choir members alternate between visiting New York and Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
Students raise money through fundraisers every
year to pay for some of the cost of the trip. This year, the group performed at LaGuardia High
School, a prestigious performing arts school. Chambers singer junior McKinzie Norton said this
proved to be rather different than performing in BV’s PAC.
“It was kind of challenging,” she said. “The space that we were given to perform in was about one-third of the space we’re used to, so we definitely had to adapt and make adjustments. The audience was very receptive, though, and, despite the minor obstacles we had to overcome, everything turned out great. It was a blast.”
Senior Grayson Yockey said students went shopping, took dance classes and saw various Broadway shows in addition to performing while they were there.
“I really enjoyed the view of the Empire State Building,” he said. “I’ve been on it many times before,
but there’s nothing quite like it. It makes you feel incredible. We also got to see our pick of different Broadway shows and take backstage tours, and we got to talk to a lot of the stars in the shows.”
Yockey said the group performed for the students at the school.
“They were all performers, so they understood what it was like,” he said. “It was like if we would perform for ourselves, but even better.”
He said the entire experience was unforgettable.
“Getting to travel and make memories with your best friends is probably the best way to spend your break,” he said.
Norton said she loved spending spring break in New York with her friends.
“My favorite part was just being able to spend so much time with such amazing people and having the opportunity to grow closer as a group,” she said.