National Honor Society members will vote, elect officers May 8

Gennifer Geer, Managing Editor

In order to run efficient community service projects, National Honor Society (NHS) elects officers to organize events and run meetings. Each position is selected by popular vote to take place May 8. Although sponsors Sherry Spotts and Robin Lerner arrange the elections, they don’t take part in the voting.
“I don’t have any say in it,” Lerner said.
Any junior NHS member is welcome to run for office, but they must turn in an application on time. The application requires two signatures from current teachers and senior members of NHS. In addition, they must give speeches for the other members.
So far, Lerner said over 35 kids have expressed interest in running for a position.
Lerner said the officers from the 2012-2013 school year worked hard and did great things for NHS.
“We went out into the community,” she said. “It was a lot of work to get it organized and the kids did a nice job with that.”
Lerner said she expects next year’s NHS officers will do just as well and is looking forward to sponsoring again.
“I suspect this group of kids will come up with some really good community service projects,” she said. “I think it’ll just be a great year.”
Lerner said she was very satisfied with this year’s officers and hopes the newly elected officers will do the same.
“I will say that this year’s officers, being my first year as sponsor, have done an outstanding job,” she said. “They did a really good job of the work they had to do this year, and I hope that the kids will elect officers who will work just as hard next year, too.”
Lerner said she has also set goals for herself to improve during her second year of sponsoring NHS.
“I think for me, [I want to] just be better organized and know what to expect and be more planned ahead,” she said. “This year’s kids did a really good job of doing some really great community service projects. Mrs. Spotts did a good job of organizing that. I just hope to do a better job than what I did last year.”

2012-2013 Officers:

President: Jason Entgelmeier

Vice President: Rajvi Shah

Secretary: Hayley LeBlanc

Treasurer: Asim Zaidi

Sergeant-at-Arms: Archana Vasa

What are the requirements of NHS officers?



  • prepare agenda for officer meetings, communicating with sponsors

  • prepare agenda for NHS meetings

  • organize one service project

  • organize paperwork system for new inductees

  • assist with new inductee process


  • organize, attend, and run one service project

  • organize tutoring by maintaining a calendar in Ms. Spotts’ room

  • organize both teacher appreciations

  • assist with new inductee process


  • keep records of points for everything in a timely manner

  • organize one service project

  • assist with new inductee


  • organize, attend, and run one small service project

  • keep records of points for tutoring, assisting the secretary

  • sign and assist with any purchase orders

  • assist with new inductee process

  • collect and organize 2013-2014 society dues


  • organize, attend, and run one small project

  • make announcements about meetings, tutoring opportunities, service projects, etc

  • publicize meetings in other ways besides the daily announcements

  • assist with new inductee process

In addition, all NHS officers are expected to respond to emails and communications from sponsors on a regular basis and attend regularly scheduled officer meetings with the sponsors.

Congratulations 2013-2014 Officers:
President: Luke Chen
Vice-President: Taylor Daniels
Secretary: Madison Biggs
Treasurer: Aquib Jamil
Sergeant-at-Arms: Maia Schoenberg