Students switch schools for various reasons, find transition easy due to welcoming environment at BV

Caroline Meinzenbach, Opinion Editor

It’s the school they are used to rivaling.
It’s the school they have rallied to beat in numerous events.
It’s the school they have hated.
Senior Harita Abraham transferred from Blue Valley West at the beginning of this year.
“I went to Blue River [Elementary School] and [Blue Valley] Middle [School],” she said. “I was supposed to go to Blue Valley, but my parents wanted me to go to West. They just really liked that school.”
Abraham said she doesn’t have anything against West, she just wanted to be with old friends.
“I just missed everyone,” she said. “So I decided to come back at least for my senior year to spend time with everyone before we went our separate ways.”
Joining the BV family mid-semester, senior Blake Carnes transferred Nov. 13.
“I just never liked West,” she said. “It wasn’t a good fit for me.”
Carnes said the switch from West to BV wasn’t as bad as she thought it would have been.
“I knew a lot of the kids here,” she said. “I hang out with more BV kids than West kids, so it was an easy transition.”
After winter break, senior Jake Sloan transferred from BV Southwest.
“I loved Southwest up until last semester,” Sloan said. “It seemed like everyone had transferred at that point, and since I’m friends with so many people at Blue Valley, I saw how much more fun they were having.”
Abraham said she likes attending BV better than West because there are more opportunities for student involvement.
“It feels like a family, just because I’ve known these kids since elementary school,” she said. “I love BV — technically, it’s always been my home school.”
Sloan said he likes the senior privileges here unlike Southwest.
“It just seems like every year Blue Valley really makes being a senior fun and worth it,” he said.
Carnes said she was nervous about coming to a new school but adjusted quickly.
“I love it,” she said. “I was really nervous, but everyone was welcoming and nice. They don’t judge you. It’s easy to get along with everyone.”
She said there is a big difference between the environments at BV and West.
“I feel like this school is so much happier,” Carnes said.
Abraham said the being a senior didn’t affect her transfer.
“I knew a lot of people beforehand,” she said. “I still felt welcomed and included as if I had always been here.”
She said even though she transferred, her brother, a junior, stayed at West.
“I left behind my brother,” she said. “I’m trying to convince him to come here.”
Sloan said his transition has been worth it.
“I’ve had a lot more fun this semester than I did last semester,” he said. “It was kind of a pain getting everything together to transfer though. I wish I would have transferred at the beginning of this year, but I wouldn’t have left any sooner.”
Abraham said BV has the most welcoming group of students she has seen within a school.
“It’s something to be proud of,” she said. “All the kids here have great character and truly have first class behavior.”