‘Guys Wear Ties Days Fridays’: Junior creates weekly fashion holiday, encourages wearing ties every Friday

Sally Cochran, Editor in Chief

It’s a Friday morning.
Junior Luke Conners as well as other Blue Valley students can be seen walking to class sporting a tie — over a T-shirt.
It’s “Guys Wear Ties Days Fridays.”
Conners created this weekly holiday of sorts in October of last year.
“[I] had to dress up for marching band, but I didn’t want to dress up for rehearsal that morning, so I just put a tie on [over my T-shirt],” he said. “It was fun, so I just decided to do it every week.”
Conners said he acquired his five ties from a variety of places, such as Christmas gifts or around the house. He can be seen wearing neckties, but does not approve of bow ties.
“No bow ties,” Conners said. “That’s cheating.”
Sophomore Billiam Liu said he participates in “Guys Wear Ties Days Fridays” because it’s unique.
“For me, it’s fun in a weird way,” he said. “I mean, ties are awesome, and Fridays are awesome, so why not both?”
Conners said only he has participated every week, but a few others have taken part.
“I’d be pretty thrilled and pretty surprised [at a larger interest in ‘Guys Wear Ties Days Fridays’],” he said.
Conners’ fashion advice to other BV students?
“Stay classy.”