Incoming freshmen share their thoughts on orientation, Freshman Class Day

Raine Andrews, Photo Editor

Blue Valley welcomed the class of 2017 on Aug. 14 for freshmen orientation. During this time, BV’s new students were given the opportunity to walk through their schedule, locate their classrooms, and visit their teachers for around five minutes.
Freshmen Tessa Campbell said she was anxious to come to school for the first time.
“I was nervous,” she said. “But I am pretty sure everyone was.”
Campbell said without her friends by her side, it made her first day uncomfortable.
“It [was] very awkward especially if you were walking by yourself and don’t have any friends around you,” she said. “[But] its a pretty good school.”
There to help direct the incoming freshmen was BV’s Tiger Mentors. Positioned around the school, mentors were there to offer their help and direction of the school. Mentor senior Ariba Ahmad said she thought the day was successful.
“I think it really helped the freshman get their bearings and get an idea of how high school would play out,” she said.
On the following Friday, BV hosted their annual class picnic featuring Mix 93.3 disk jockey Steve Serrano. Serving pizza and cookies for lunch, the entire school made their way to the new stadium. During the picnic, students were able to watch the band and drill team perform, as well as the cheerleaders, and participate in the traditional class competition, lead by principal Scott Bacon.
Freshman Abby Boman said she looks forward to being a Tiger.
“I am very excited to be a tiger at Blue Valley High School because Mr. Bacon is really cool and we are really spirited,” she said. “I love school spirit.”
To end the day, freshmen met up with their mentors in the gymnasium to participate in relay races and games.
“[We] just [played] get-to-know-you games,” she said. “Activities that helped the kids loosen up and [bring] a little competition into it.”
Campbell said she enjoyed the games, but thought there could have been some improvements.
“I thought the freshmen day was fun if you participated,” she said. “I feel like if there was more opportunities and [if] more people could have participated, it could have been better.”