New trend in plastic water bottles reaches Blue Valley; students carry plastic cups, tumblers with them around school

Gennifer Geer, Managing Editor

Water is constantly available to students. Water fountains, water bottles, water in food? Helping students intake enough water, a new trend in water bottles has come to Blue Valley.
Marketed as “double-walled tumbler with lid” or simply “cup with straw,” these cups resemble soft drink cups, and are reusable insulated bottles with a screwable lid and plastic straw. They’re some students’ top choice for water, and can be seen everywhere at BV.
Sophomore Sydney Anderson said she uses her cup every day.
“It keeps me hydrated and is fashionable,” she said.
Anderson said there are advantages to using the cup as opposed to a regular water bottle.
“It doesn’t get condensation,” she said. “It keeps the water fresh instead of tasting like plastic or dish soap.”
Anderson also said the cup is easy to clean but harder to clean up after.
“If you knock it over, it tends to leak water out,” she said.
The cups have quickly reached a wide market. They can be found at basic stores such as Walmart or Dollar Tree and under more prestigious brands such as Starbucks or Vera Bradley.
Each venue sells the cups for different prices and in different designs. Cups in solid translucent colors and superhero logos aren’t uncommon.
The cups also come in different sizes. Sixteen and 20 oz. cups are average, but many cups hold some amount in between.
With all these options, cups can be unique from person to person.
Anderson said she received a cup for her birthday.
“I was pretty enthusiastic,” she said. “I really like them.”