Varsity volleyball team shares close bond regardless of grade-level

Maddie Jewett, Features Editor

The varsity volleyball team this year is comprised of more freshmen than seniors.
This is an extreme rarity at BV.
Freshman Whitney Hinmon said the team chemistry is not lacking, even with the difference in age.
“The older girls are so encouraging and determined,” she said. “They never let me give up or quit trying. Not just are they helpful, but if I ever have a problem, I can go to any of them at any time. I know they’re there to help me.
Hinmon said being on varsity has been a great experience for her this year.
“It’s pushed me to my limits and beyond them,” she said. “Everyone is so encouraging and welcoming to the four freshmen that you would have no idea we just recently all started playing together as a team.”
Hinmon said the upperclassmen on her team are all some of her biggest role models.
“I look up to all the upperclassmen, but especially [volleyball captain senior] Chloe [Rogers]”, she said. “She knows what it’s like to be a freshman on varsity, so she’s been in my position. She recently had surgery that she is still recovering from, but she isn’t letting that stop her. She keeps fighting hard and working as hard as she can to get back in the games. As a senior, she’s a leader to everyone on the court and is a great role model for me.”
Hinmon said the team hopes to go back to state again this year.
“We have a strong team this year, and I’m feeling a successful season,” she said. “All the girls who played last year and went back to State talk about going back, and that’s our long term goal we hope to accomplish in the end.”
Hinmon said she’s met many new people, and this has helped her transition to high school.
“Volleyball has helped me transition into high school a lot,” she said. “It has helped me bond with new people that I see in the halls every day. It’s helped me work hard on the court and in the classroom by keeping me busy, but I still can focus on my academics.”
Hinmon said the team is extremely close and, in the end, this is the most important thing.
“We always have so much fun whenever we’re together,” she said. “Nobody is treated differently based off what grade they are in or how long they’ve played together. We all bonded instantly and it can’t be broken.”