A New Voice for BV Cheer: Cheer’s first-ever yell-leader joins team, motivated to inspire others


Bridget Howard, Staff Writer

As football season rolled around, Blue Valley’s cheerleaders geared up in hopes of another great season.
This year they have a new addition: Blue Valley’s first yell-leader, sophomore Brycen Gunn.
With previous dancing experience, Gunn said he thought cheerleading would be an exciting way to try something new.
“I decided to do cheer this year because I’ve been dancing for a really long time, and so I thought I just wanted to try something different,” Gunn said.
Gunn made Junior Varsity cheer as a sophomore.
Cheer coach Michelle Wirt said she was thrilled when she found out Gunn was trying out for the team.
“I was super excited because I’ve always wanted to have yell-leaders, but it’s not really something that’s been accepted in this high school,” she said. “I think for a boy to do that — who’s maybe not involved in sports or other activities — it’s been a good thing for him.”
Gunn is the first yell-leader in the entire Blue Valley School District.
“At first, everyone thought it was weird, but now that the news has been making its way through Johnson County, people are saying it’s really cool that I’m the first guy cheerleader,” Gunn said.
Gunn accompanied the team to their cheer camp at the University of Missouri this summer.
“It was really fun,” he said. “The food was fantastic, and everyone was really nice. It was a great way to learn new skills.”
After competing at camp with the team, Gunn said his view on the sport has definitely changed.
“When you look at cheer, we’re throwing 100-pound girls in the air, and we do a bunch of flips and stuff,” Gunn said. “It has definitely been more challenging than I thought it would be.”
JV captain sophomore Lauren Sawyer said Gunn has brought the team to life.
“It has been really fun but different at the same time,” she said. “He brings a lot of positive energy to the squad and always knows how to break it down.”
Gunn said he is looking forward to a great year with the team.
“I’m excited to get to know more of the girls and perform for the whole school and student body,” he said.
Wirt said she hopes to have more yell-leaders on the squad in the years to come.
“I hope this encourages other boys who maybe aren’t involved in football, basketball, soccer or wrestling to be a part of the school and be a part of a something that has been a huge tradition at the school,” Wirt said. “So, if they want to, I’d love it.”
Wirt said Gunn will be a great addition to the team.
“His role on the team is the same as any girl — to lead, spirit and be a good role model for BV,” Wirt said.