Faith on the 50-Yard Line: Students gather weekly for religious games, discussions at newly-formed Bible study

Bridget Howard, Staff Writer

More homework.
These are some typical Sunday evening activities, right?
How about attending a Bible study on the Blue Valley football field?
Reading Bible verses?
Playing games and getting to meet new people in other grades?
Seniors Andy Porter and Savannah Spicer teamed up with sophomore Shawn Alexander to create a student-based Bible study on the BV football field every Sunday night at 7 p.m.
“Shawn Alexander came up with the initial idea after going to [Fellowship of Christian Athletes] camp this past summer,” Spicer said. “Then, he asked me and Andy Porter if we were interested in starting the group.”
The Bible study began meeting weekly on Aug. 25.
“I think as the year goes on, more people will start joining us because they are hearing about it from the people that already go and will want to see how cool the Bible study is for themselves,” Alexander said.
Spicer said about 15 to 25 students attend the Bible study each week.
“We start out by just hanging out on the football field, eating snacks, playing frisbee or volleyball and just catching up with each other,” she said. “Then, after about half an hour, we split into our smaller groups — Andy takes the guys, and I take the girls. In our smaller groups, we both have individual lesson plans. I like to start out by asking the girls about their week and times they saw God working in their lives. Then, we start talking about a certain topic.”
Spicer said she encourages other students to come and be a part of the Bible study.
“If I could say one thing to get more students involved in Bible study, I would encourage students to not be afraid to come out on Sunday nights,” she said. “I know high school holds a lot of pressures and stressful situations, but I truly believe that going to Bible study will help their lives immensely.”
Spicer said she hopes to connect with students in each grade and share a common interest with them.
“I’m looking forward to growing closer in fellowship and faith with not only the girls, but all the students that come,” she said. “I’m also really excited to see how this can make a change in our school.”
Alexander said his favorite part of the Bible study is the group prayer at the end.
“I love the prayer because the whole group comes together and thanks the Lord for each other and prays to strengthen us to face the week ahead,” he said.
Spicer and Porter said they are trying to make other students who are not involved more aware of the group.
“We are trying to get other students involved through social media like Twitter and Instagram,” Alexander said. “I think at first people would think it is a little bit weird to have a student Bible study on Sunday evenings, but once they get into sports, games and studying of the Bible they would love how much fun and would join us every week.”