Anonymous Twitter account posts negative comments, students react

Sheila Gregory, Co-Editor

Think about how many judgments a person makes in a day.
External things like hair, makeup, appearance and clothing are taken in and an opinion is formed within a split second.
What about the things we keep to ourselves? What if they were out there for everyone to see?
The twitter account @BVHSTruths was up and firing opinions from anyone and everybody over Thanksgiving weekend.
Sophomore Anna Hill posted several negative things about the account, demanding that it be taken down.
“I saw that someone had retweeted something terrible about someone in our school and I went onto the account and found even more terrible things,” Hill said.
This wasn’t the only account.
“There was an account last month that was made and then it got shut down by someone,” Hill said. “Then another one came up a few days ago.”
Hill said there was injustice concerning all the negative tweets.
“I think that everyone deserves a voice,” she said. “It’s not fair to say anything mean about someone who can’t rebuttal.”
BVHSTruths had a certain quality that made it such a hit.
“I know that people love to see gossip and love to know things that even if they aren’t true they still love to hear about them and its funny and its cool until its you.”
Last names were not put on the offensive tweets but that had little effect on anonymity.
“It was obvious who so and so was,” Hill said. “[Not putting last names] was almost a way to justify it to themselves.”
This isn’t this first account of it’s kind and Hill said she doesn’t think it will be the last. She said BVHSTruths was up for less than a week but ran off hundreds of mean one-liners on people.
The way to have your thoughts heard was through a direct message asking for the google document things were written on.
“I got into the account and reported it. I went into their document and I was like ‘this is totally unacceptable. You should take this down.’ Of course that never got posted and I got blocked.”
According to Hill this is absolutely a form of cyberbullying. She is also very grateful the account got shut down.
“Hate is really easy and love is really hard, so people are really good and really quick to judge people and say hateful things,” Hill said.