Students prepare for upcoming winter musical, share anticipation for show

Rachel Lock, Web Editor

This year’s winter musical, “Guys and Dolls”, will be January 6 ,7, and 8.  “Guys and Dolls” follows the story of Nathan Detroit (played by senior Andrew Thompson) who is trying to get money to pay for his floating crap game. In doing so, he bets Sky Masterson (played by senior Alessandro Pastore) a thousand dollars that Sky can’t get a local girl, Sarah Brown (played by sophomore Anna Arens) to go to Cuba with him. Meanwhile, Nathan struggles with his fiancé of 14 years, Adelaide (played by sophomore Madeline Wadley). Rehearsals started in late November for this show, and Arens said she is excited to be a part of the cast.
“Being a new student, my favorite part of this musical is having the opportunity to meet and become closer with people.” Arens said.“I couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity and I’m extremely grateful.”
Arens said she is very thankful for her role in the show.
“Being the lead as a sophomore definitely brings mixed emotions,” she said. “It’s scary — there’s a lot of pressure so I have to be on my game. But of course, it’s so exciting.”
Arens plays the part of Sarah Brown in the show.
“Sarah is the leader of a missionary who tries to get gamblers and other sinners to get involved with church,” Arens said. “[But, she] ends up falling in love with a gambler.”
Arens said the show is amazing and that everyone should come see the performance.
“It’s so much fun performing and the show is going to be incredible,” Arens said. “Everyone in the cast is so talented.”