Student participates in local program “Music House,” see benefits

Raine Andrews, Photo Editor

Learn, play, preform.
Founded in 2006, Music House, a school of music, has been offering various music lessons to the Stilwell community including Blue Valley Residents.
Sophomore Brooke Metz said she has been enrolled at Music House since her freshmen year.
“I heard of [Music House] from advertising and family friends,” she said. “I just kind of started [singing] by myself [and] just taught myself everything. Then after a few years I realized singing lessons would help me become better, and [I would] be able to do more with my voice.”
Music House’s website states their mission.
“The School strives to be an accessible educational community where hobbyists, professionals, and enthusiasts of all ages are encouraged, without judgement, to explore, learn and appreciate music at a pace that expands horizons without stifling enthusiasm,” it says.
Metz said she started singing when she was young but was inspired to pursue her hobby more during junior high.
“I’ve been singing for fun since I was really little,” she said. “When Adele became big in seventh or eighth grade, I started singing her songs and realized I really loved singing.”
Singing different genres, Metz said she practices with her acapella weekly and also has one on one lessons.
“We meet every Wednesday from 7:30-9:00 p.m. and practice songs, [and] then about every month or so, we perform at different events,” she said. “For my personal lessons, it’s a little bit different. I have lessons every Thursday from 5:30-6 p.m., then every two months we have a showcase, which is optional, to sing one song.”
Metz said her favorite part of the school is the people she is introduced to.
“My group counterpoint is just funny in general — we all get along really well and more people are planning on joining,” she said.
After two years of lessons and performances, Metz said Music House has helped her become a better performer.
“It has helped me a lot,” she said. “I have learned how to sing all different types of music and how to control my voice. I also really like my teacher — she’s chill.”
Understanding how competitive the music industry is, Metz said she mainly sings for enjoyment.
“I would love to sing when I grow up professionally, but it’s kind of hard to make it, so we’ll see, but if not, I will for sure always sing for fun.”