Life of a Freshman

Macie Lawrence, Staff Writer

The four years every kid dreams of, high school. Behind all of the excitement, freshman students are battling stress, depression and anxiety due to the transition from middle school to high school.

“High school has been a very positive experience so far,” freshman, Nicki Ogden said. “I am so excited for these next four years.”

Both Ogden and freshman Brock Lawrence said they were scared for the homework and tests in high school.

When changing from middle school to high school kids have to adjust to a new environment, new people, harder classes and a whole new school. Ogden said this can be a challenge for freshmen.

“Adjusting to the new school can be a challenge,” Ogden said. “I have gotten more comfortable and adjusted pretty well.”

According to, Eighty-three percent of students said they were under stress during school. Blue Valley has many ways to reduce stress. Students have the opportunity to go in the library before and after class to get extra help.

“The library is a good resource to go and get homework done and study in the morning,” Lawrence said. “There are always people there to help you.”

BV offers a Tiger Mentor program for students to become comfortable with upperclassmen and be able to ask the upperclassmen questions.

“My Tiger Mentors are very helpful,” Lawrence said. “I can ask them questions about anything, and they will help me. I think they are very important to us because most students are intimidated by the upperclassmen, and we get an opportunity to talk to them.”

BV also offers different clubs and extracurricular activities for students. Ninety-five percent of students interviewed are involved in school activities, according to Students even have opportunities to create their own clubs.

“I think it is very cool that BVHS has a different club for everyone. It is important that every student gets involved in the school,” Lawrence said.

Students all learn to relieve stress in different ways. Lawrence said playing football and listening to music helps him relieve stress, while Ogden said playing soccer and hanging out with friends is the best way for her to relieve stress.

Counselors at BV are already making students plan for their next three years. Students are trying to get prepared for the next few years, Ogden said.

“I don’t have a set plan for my classes yet. I have an idea of the classes I am going to take and the classes I am going to avoid,” Lawrence said.

Ogden said she looks forward to preparing for college and planning her future.

“High school has been a lot of fun, but I have also had a lot of homework. I am really excited for all of the events and parties at the school,” Lawrence said.

BV has very good teachers and hard working students, according to Principal, Mr. Bacon.

“Blue Valley is going to prepare me for the future really well,” said Ogden. “I am so excited for the next few years, and I wouldn’t want to be at any other high school.”

Students at BV have a variety of classes they can take. Students are required to take a certain number of classes to graduate.

“I am not blowing off my freshman year because on the transcript, your grades will show up to colleges,” Lawrence said. “I don’t want them to think I didn’t try my freshman year.”

High school is a new challenge for the freshman. Ogden said high school has been a fun experience so far.

“Even though there was a lot of stress at the beginning of the year, I think high school is going to be really fun,” Lawrence said. “I can’t wait for these next few years.”