Travelers’ Experiences

Bailey Cook, Fall 2014 J 1 student

Opinions on Traveling

All travelers have their opinions on vacations. Whether it’s the best place they have traveled or the worst, everyone has a story to tell about the places they have gone, including Freshmen Robin Antonic, Dillon McEntee and Jessica Justmann.

Antonic, McEntee and Justmann all said they have liked to travel for a long time for many different reasons.

“Kansas is kind of a boring place, so I like to experience different cities and oceans,” Antonic said.

McEntee also said he likes experiencing different types of things outside of Kansas, while Justmann said she enjoys traveling to see new places.

Dream Vacations

Even though Antonic, McEntee and Justmann have traveled to many places, they still have their “dream vacation,” a place they have always wanted to go.

Some say they want to travel to the beach because they like relaxing, and others say they prefer to travel to the city because there are more things to do there.

“I would rather be by the beach rather than the city because I like sitting around and being lazy while watching the ocean,” McEntee said. “I’ve been to Chicago but not big cities like New York. There’s a lot to do there but there’s not as much of an interest in the city as the ocean for me.”

Justmann said she prefers being in the city rather than on the beach.

“I want to live in a big city,” Justmann said. “There’s more to do there, and I like the hustle and bustle.”

Antonic said her prefered vacation would be going to Kenya Africa.

“I have always wanted to go there and take a safari through the Savannah,” Antonic said.

McEntee said his dream vacation would be to go to Peru or Brazil.

“I think there’s a lot of fun things you could do there, and the water is pretty,” McEntee said.

Justmann’s idea for a “dream vacation” is out of the country, similar to Antonic and McEntee’s, but she said she would rather go to a city, such as London, because there is more to do.


Antonic, McEntee and Justmann have all traveled to different places and have had different experiences around the world such as Australia, St. Lucia, Boston, Cape Cod and Hawaii.

“The coolest place I have traveled would be Australia,” Antonic said. “I went with a group called People to People, which is a group of student ambassadors that you go to different cultures and tour around with.”

Antonic traveled 9,275 miles to Australia without her family, but it wasn’t her first time being in another country without them.

“With People to People, I have been to Canada, England, France and Australia,” Antonic said. “I liked it better being without my family in another country because I thought it was fun to have more freedom.”

McEntee said he has always gone on vacations with his family, but similar to Antonic, he traveled out of the country to an island in the Caribbean called St. Lucia.

“The people in St. Lucia were really nice because it wasn’t a super poor country, but it wasn’t a super rich country, so the people were really into what they had and wanted to share their culture with everyone who came to visit,” McEntee said. “The food in St. Lucia was different, too. They had bananas that were freshly grown everywhere and a lot more fresh fruits than in Kansas.”

Justmann said while she and her family were in Boston, they decided to take a day to go to the beach.

“Cape Cod’s beach was cold, windy and cloudy, but the water was pretty even though it was freezing,” Justmann said.

Similar to Justmann, Antonic said the water was cold because Australia’s winter is in America’s summer.

“When we were in the Great Barrier Reef, I remember it being freezing and kind of rainy,” Antonic said.

Antonic said going to the Great Barrier Reef was one of her favorite activities, even though it was cold.

“I saw a bunch of fish and a sea turtle, but because it was in the winter the coral and fish weren’t as colorful as I thought they were going to be,” Antonic said.

McEntee said his favorite thing he did in St. Lucia was went ziplining.

“It took four hours because there were different zip lines throughout the forest,” McEntee said.

In Hawaii and Cape Cod, Justmann said she went to the beach and Provincetown.

“Provincetown is a gay community and they have a parade,” Justmann said. “It was similar to a city because they had so many people but it was also a beach town and that’s why I liked it.”

Justmann said her favorite thing that she did in Hawaii was going on a mountain to see the sunrise in the middle of the night.

“I want to go back to Hawaii and Boston and when it’s warmer in Cape Cod,” Justmann said.

Antonic and McEntee said they plan to go back to their vacation spots if they get a chance. Justmann said she plans to go back to Hawaii and go back to Cape Cod when it’s warmer.

“Not yet because I’m young, and I don’t get to decide, but when I’m older I will go back there,” McEntee said.

Although McEntee said he is “too young and doesn’t get to decide (where to travel)” he still has always loved to travel.

“You can get out and do more stuff than you can here — there’s more options.” McEntee said. “You can meet more types of people and do things that that you can’t experience in Kansas.”