Concerts in KC

Sydney Neal, Fall 2014 J1 student

In the past month, there have been several concerts that students have attended. Some have traveled over an hour to see some artists for only a couple hours, but sophomores Brenna Stroud and Juliann Phillips said it was worth it.

Both Stroud and Phillips even say that they would see the performers again.

Stroud said she would definitely drive wherever to see One Direction again.

Stroud said her drive to St. Louis, Missouri lasted more than four hours to get there.

There are multiple websites to buy tickets from, although some are known for selling fake tickets.

“I was invited last minute,” Stroud said. Phillips said her concert was a mix of different performers.

Her travel time was only 30 minutes compared to Stroud’s. Phillips concert was at Kansas Starlight Theatre.

“The security guard wouldn’t let us in to meet Timeflies because girls had already come out and he didn’t know whether or not we had planned on using someone else’s meet n’ greet tickets,” said Phillips.

Both sophomores Stroud and Phillips knew most of the songs One Direction and Red, White, and Boom performers sang during their concert time.

Stroud said she had very intense feelings throughout her concert while Phillips said she just enjoyed the music and not ‘cry and scream’ as Stroud put it.

“I was sad and relieved because I could sit down,” said Stroud.

Stroud said her concert ended around eleven o’clock at night and Phillips said she left Red, White and Boom half past nine o’clock.

“[I felt] sad because we were forced to leave early by the parents,” said Phillips.