Acting It Up

Repertory and Advanced Rep classes are getting ready for an upcoming year in the world of theater. There are many shows coming this semester including “All in the timing,” “The Crucible” and “Odd Couple”.

Drama teacher Jeff Yarnell said the stagecraft class builds all of the sets for the Rep classes. The builders take about two to four weeks to build one stage, depending on how complex the stage is, he said.

The drama department increased in size from last year — more than 60 people auditioned for Rep Theatre this year, Yarnell said. He also said once a student is selected for Rep, they don’t have to audition for Advanced Rep.

Three audience members have never seen any of the actors break character, they maintain a professional and responsible attitude on- and off-stage, they all said in different ways. Tickets are normally $5 to get in and there are concessions to purchase before the show

or during intermission depending on how long the show runs.

“[Actors/actresses] try their best to please the audience whether it’s a drama or a comedy,” Advanced Rep Senior Ali Bili said.

Last year, “Dark of the Moon” was a drama and a more creepy type of show, Bili said. She had a small role, but she said it was a fun and enjoyable experience.

“Our drama department has improved greatly and I believe it will continue [improving]  in the years to come,” Yarnell said.