Mysteries of BV: Shady Shakespeare

Charlotte Rooney, Opinion Editor

The closet between the drama and debate rooms, in short, is disheveled. Referred to as “Shakespeare” by the drama students, the closet is cleaned regularly. The drama students store props in it while the debate students use their share to store their supply of cheese balls, sophomore Karishma Shah said.

“We normally have three plays going on — we have second hour rep class doing a play and seventh hour rep class doing a different play and then usually another play or musical that has practice after school as well,” Yarnell said. “The props for these shows have to go somewhere.”

Yarnell said he claims about 80 percent of this closet while debate teacher Chris Riffer uses about 20 percent.

“Mr. Riffer’s side doesn’t move around that much while mine has a lot of costumes, set pieces and props,” Yarnell said. “When you have three shows practicing every day, it can get pretty messy.”

Despite the clutter, Yarnell said he is used to Shakespeare’s disarray.

“[The closet] has a large, random collection of things, so it’s pretty unusual,” Yarnell said.  “I could see how someone would look at it as a pretty crazy place.”